miidii maps input from the Nintendo wiimote and the Nintendo Wii Balance Board to MIDI signals.

This allows you to control your synthesizers and effect plugins via the wii controllers in realtime!

The Wii Balance Board control allows you to map your body movements to controller and fader movements! Spice up your live performances!


  • support for wiimote and Balance Board
  • free adjustable mapping from buttons and axis to MIDI controllers
  • different modes for buttons:
    • trigger sends a signal until the selected button is released. Useful for starting samples or activating effects for short times
    • mute_trigger sends a zero-value to the selected controller as long as the button is pressed. Practically it is the inverse function of 'trigger'. This mode is useful for muting tracks for a short time or for deactivating an effect for a short time.
    • switch changes the controller state from a zero value to the maximum value and vice versa on each button press. This is useful to mute or demute tracks or effects permanently.


Note that you do not need the wii itself! You can connect your wiimote and the balance board directly to your PC via Bluetooth.


This software is distributed for free!

Miidii.zip - Version 1.1 - now including IR support

If you have questions, please contact me by email:

andy [at] brandmaier [dot] de


  1. Download miidii, unzip the archive. Do not start the program yet.
  2. Install a virtual MIDI port (also known as loopback MIDI device). This driver will serve as virtual cable to connect miidii and your favorite audio application (Logic, FruityLoops, Ableton,...) I recommend the free LoopBe driver.
  3. Register your wiimote (and optional the Balance Board) as Bluetooth devices
  4. Now start miidii. Choose the loopback driver as MIDI output port.
  5. Start your favourite audio application. Choose the loopback driver as MIDI input port.
  6. Adjust the MIDI controll mappings in miidii and your application to your needs.
  7. Enjoy


  • 08/30/08 - Version 1.1 - added IR tracking support
  • 07/22/08 - Initial release of Miidii

A sample application of miidii:

Attach the wiimote controller to your guitar and control two different effect parameters by moving your guitar neck. For example, control the amount of distortion by moving your guitar back and forth and control a wah-wah effect by moving the guitar neck up and down.

...and the really cool thing:

Miidii comes with an awesome knight rider effect on the wiimote ;)




(c) 2008, written by Andreas Brandmaier
using the excellent Wiimote library of Brian Peek
and the brilliant .NET Midi Toolkit of Leslie Lamport

The project is non-commercial and just for fun. This page is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Nintendo or Nintendo of America. "Nintendo" is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

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